Reflections on the Five Aggregates


For one week, choose a different aggregate each day.

Form: explore how you sense form, both the body and any kind of material form around you (internally and externally).

Feeling: notice the feeling tone

Perception: be aware of “fascination conditioning”—what’s being “selected” or focused on out of all the things that are arising. Notice when you are attached to a particular feeling or perception. Can you notice feelings and perception arising and how they impact each other?

Mental formations: notice the reactions to experience, ask yourself often, “What’s the attitude in the mind right now?” when you reflect on this aggregate.

Consciousness: notice as it arises in contact through sense doors, e.g., sounds meeting the ear. Is ear consciousness present when the sounds are gone? Consciousness can take all the aggregates as its object. Try using the mental note “being known” as a way of pointing towards the experience of consciousness. For example, hearing is being known. seeing is being known, etc.


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